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OINICIO Mumbling Blue-green Epoxy Heart Mirror

OINICIO Mumbling Blue-green Epoxy Heart Mirror

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Jewelry Design Philosophy

--[Mumbling] Series

Fragrant flowers, lazy feeling
Romantic, free-spirited, gorgeous fantasy and scales scattered in the water, the state of being unconscious is gorgeous, and not afraid of the weird, the agile waist and shining light, the unrestrained and fearless enjoyment of the water spirit, the slender faint, wanton growth


Name: OINICIO Mumbling Blue-green Epoxy Heart Mirror
Material: Blue-green Epoxy/Glass/Zinc alloy/Stainless steel
Size: Mirror length 22.5cm (including tassel chain 10cm), width 8cm (mirror widest point), mirror thickness 0.41cm, body chain total chain length 116cm
Color: Platinum


Glass, also known as "Glass", is a rare decoration made of artificial crystals of various colors (colors are produced by various metal elements) and fired at a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees. Its color is flowing and colorful, and its quality is crystal clear and dazzling. The characteristic is that it has a high refractive index for light, so it can present a crystal clear effect. With the cooperation of light, it can fully express its artistic characteristics.
The glass used by OINICIO will naturally form air bubbles during the calcination process of raw materials, and each work has it. In the eyes of those who love colored glaze, colored glaze is not only a product, but also alive. These bubbles seem to indicate that colored glaze is breathing.

*Promise on material and craftsmanship
Our jewelry series products are all made of high-quality materials such as brass electroplating platinum, high-purity 925 silver, zircon, shell beads, natural special-shaped pearls, and natural crystals, as well as strict casting processes.

*About Jewelry
Softness and gentleness are the characteristics of precious metals, and it is an unavoidable natural law when they are scratched and oxidized in the air. Every trace left by the wearer on the jewelry belongs to her beautiful and special memory.
Please don't be obsessed with "never grind", just give your jewelry more love and protection.

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