OINICIO was founded in 2017.

Designers create abstract art and love the feeling in the state of natural fluid. The creation is presented in the state of unconsciousness, and there is no predetermined goal of effect, which is free and random. Brand after the establishment of "swaddling", "I", "deposition", "Grayling", "Fu place" and so on Series of classic works, in the mainstream fashion media VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, SENSE, etc. The accessories are favored by many stars and fashion bloggers such as Angelababy, Shaohan Zhang, Xukun CAI, Chengcheng Fan and Shen Zhou.
OINICIO packaging is made of heavy industrial ceramic box, which can also be used as the head decorate storage boxes, ashtrays, succulent pot plants, etc. whether giving or self-use can enjoy a sense of surprise.