About Jewelry


Promise on material and craftsmanship
Our jewelry series products are all made of high-quality materials such as brass electroplating platinum, high-purity 925 silver, zircon, shell beads, natural special-shaped pearls, and natural crystals, as well as strict casting processes.

About Jewelry
Softness and gentleness are the characteristics of precious metals, and it is an unavoidable natural law when they are scratched and oxidized in the air. Every trace left by the wearer on the jewelry belongs to her beautiful and special memory.
Please don't be obsessed with "never grind", just give your jewelry more love and protection.

About Electroplated Platinum

The electroplating layer on the surface of OINICIO brand jewelry uses [palladium] and gold which is 10 times more expensive than gold.
[Rhodium] instead of ordinary 18K white gold. Strictly follow the thickness standard of the electroplating layer, with more than two layers of electroplating, palladium-plated on the inside and rhodium on the outside, so that the product is not easy to fade and keeps bright as new for a long time.

About Rh

Rhodium "Rh" is a silvery-white, hard, expensive rare metal with high reflectivity;
Rhodium is stable in nature and is one of the electroplating colors with a long color retention period; jewelry is combined with palladium plating as the bottom layer
Better sealing effect;
The precious metal rhodium is considered to be one of the most expensive precious metals in the world, and its price has always been more expensive than platinum (commonly known as platinum)

About Pd

Palladium "pd" is a silver-white transition metal, soft, with good ductility and plasticity;
Palladium is stable in nature and high in purity, which is very suitable for the skin and will not cause skin allergies;
Palladium is one of the rare precious metals in the world, much rarer than gold.


Natural fluorspar is also called fluorspar. Fluorite fluoresces like a firefly under ultraviolet light or cathode rays.
Various colors, such as purple, blue, green and colorless. Cocoonite crystallizes into octahedrons and cubes. The crystals are glass luster, bright and changeable in color.
OINICIO uses naturally formed fluorite, and each small piece of cut is inconsistent. Please note that the color of each fluorite is different, and the details are based on the actual product received. And cocoon stone will be affected by different angles of light, and the color refraction will show different gradient effects.
* During wearing or storage, avoid violent collision, extrusion, contact with acidic substances, etc.

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