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OINICIO Small Fish Scale Panel Necklace

OINICIO Small Fish Scale Panel Necklace

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Jewelry Design Philosophy

--[Grayling] Series

In the "Bible Genesis", God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was empty and formless, and there was darkness on the abyss.
The Spirit of God moves over the water. God created the fish and filled the water in the sea. Since then, the fish and the water have been inseparable.
Perhaps God chose to use the flood to destroy all living creatures with flesh, flesh and breath in the heaven and earth, out of mercy for the fish.
It dances in the water with confidence. This season will use the relationship between fish and water as a metaphor for people like fish,
Even in the continuous migration of life, we cannot do without water.


Name: OINICIO Small Fish Scale Panel Necklace
Material: Silver plated platinum
Size: Total chain length 46cm, accessories 9.75*9.75mm
Color: silver

*Promise on material and craftsmanship
Our jewelry series products are all made of high-quality materials such as brass electroplating platinum, high-purity 925 silver, zircon, shell beads, natural special-shaped pearls, and natural crystals, as well as strict casting processes.

*About Jewelry
Softness and gentleness are the characteristics of precious metals, and it is an unavoidable natural law when they are scratched and oxidized in the air. Every trace left by the wearer on the jewelry belongs to her beautiful and special memory.
Please don't be obsessed with "never grind", just give your jewelry more love and protection.

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