Shipping policy

Improving your shopping experience at OINICIO has always been one of our main focuses. We continue to upgrade and improve out shipping systems to provide you with a faster, more reliable service that guarantees the safety and delivery of your package with every order.

What countries do you ship to?

Our products ship from China to the following Countries:

Shipping Areas Express Delivery Days Standard Delivery Days
Ireland 10-20 15-30
Austria 10-20 15-30
Brazil 10-20 15-30
Belgium 10-20 15-30
Poland 10-20 15-30
Denmark 10-20 15-30
Germany 10-20 15-30
Russia 10-20 15-30
France 10-20 15-30
Finland 10-20 15-30
Korea 10-20 15-30
Netherlands 10-20 15-30
United States 10-20 15-30
Norway 10-20 15-30
Portugal 10-20 15-30
Japan 10-20 15-30
Sweden 10-20 15-30
Spain 10-20 15-30
Greece 10-20 15-30
Hungary 10-20 15-30
United Kingdom 10-20 15-30
Italy 10-20 15-30
Canada 10-20 15-30
Kuwait 10-20 15-30
Mexico 10-20 15-30
Qatar 10-20 15-30
Israel 10-20 15-30
Saudi Arabia 10-20 15-30
United Arab Emirates 10-20 15-30
Australia 10-20 15-30

 We are very sorry to announce that at the moment, there are some areas with specific circumstances that we are unable to deliver to, including the following areas:

U.S: AA, AE, Air Force Post Office, AK, Alaska, AP, Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Pacific Fleet Post Office, GU, Guam, Hawaii, HI, PR, Puerto Rico

Denmark: The Faroe Islands, The Greenland, Greenland

Germany: APO, DPO, FPO, Busingen

Finland: Åland Eilanden.

Portugal: Azores,Madeira

Greece: Mount Athos

Italy: Campione D’Italia, Livigno, San Marino, Vatican City

UK: Montserrat, Bermuda, Pitcairn Islands, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Gibraltar, British Indian Ocean Territory, Cayman Islands, St Helena

France: Armées,Guadeloupe, Hub Armées, Ile de la réunion, Moule, Remire-Montjoly,

If you are prompted that there is no suitable shipping area when placing an order on the website, please direct any questions to our customer

If you receive a refund email after placing an order, it may also be that there is no current delivery method, and the order amount will be refunded by the same method of purchase. Please direct any further questions to our customer service and we'll reply as soon as we can!

How long will it take to receive the package?

we are so sorry that during the COVID-19 period, international packages are experiencing longer transit times due to shipping carrier delays. During the special time, international shipping may take up to 3-6 weeks.

How are shipping rates calculated?

We calculate shipping costs by region,
United States, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, South Korea, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Sweden, Philippines, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Ireland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Denmark, Israel, New Zealand, Latvia : standard shipping $5.

Canada, Malta, Brazil, Switzerland, Norway, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia,Finland : standard shipping $10.


Order-to-Delivery Process is divided into two stages:

Order processing
The processing time of an order usually takes 1-3 business days. This will include quality inspection, packaging, and the necessary paperwork for international orders. Processing time does not include weekends or holidays, and the processing of every order will be determined by time the order is accepted.

Shipping time: the time it takes for the shipping services to deliver the package to your address since they pick up the package from our warehouse. Shipping time varies depending on your specific location.

Please note:
Order processing (quality inspection, packaging, paperwork, etc.) usually takes 1-3 business days and is not counted in the "transportation time".
All packages have specific tracking information that is sent via email.
All orders are processed and delivered on standard workdays, Monday-Friday, orders will not be processed or shipped on weekends or holidays.

Order tracking

When we ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. Most of our orders are shipped within 1-3 business days of placing an order. The email will contain the shipment details and a your tracking number. You can click the tracking number near the bottom of the email. Enter your tracking number at to track the status of your order.

Order Delaying

If you haven't received the products during the estimated shipping time,please track and confirm the status of your package on ,if the status of tracking information is abnormal,please contact us for knowing more.We will ensure you get your items again or refunds while you couldnt get the item.
We will ship again or refund when we make sure that the package is not delivered.

Sometimes,it takes more days to ship from overseas due to COVID-19.Shipping time is subject to change. Due to one of the following conditions,including international shipping delays,custom clearances,busy airline route and so on.Its possible your delivery may arrive later than usual.Please give postal services time to deal with your packages.
However,sometimes tracking information can be incorrect,and packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive,our package will most likely be delivered within a few days, but you could check with your neighbors or post office for more information in the meantime!

If tracking indicates that your package is in your destination country, please use your local courier's online tracking, as it may have more accurate tracking information. Alternatively, we recommend directly contacting your local post/customs office. The best way to do this is by simply locating your nearest post/customs office and visiting them in person. We recommend you physically visit the office to locate your package as your courier's online tracking may not recognize your USPS generated tracking number.

Delivery/customs fees

All international orders are subject to customs and duty fees as defined by the country of import. Duties will be determined by the country of import of your order based off product value. Duties and taxes are now included during checkout on all orders shipping to your country ! The delivery service will include the taxes, you will not be charged again. However, there are some specifit taxes caculation of your destination, please contact us if you meet with the taxes problem, we will help you deal with the problem.

British VAT:
Starting from January 1st, no tax will be levied on the import of parcels, there is no need to pay VAT to the customs.

Other problems

If you have additional questions about shipping, please visit the FAQ for more information, or click here to contact our customer service team